Our Services

We are equipped with the specialized personnel and technical resources necessary to handle all aspects of the design-to-delivery continuum for process equipment related to any of the following categories.

- Cryogenics Process Valves and Vessels
- High Pressure Components
- Pressure Vessels
- Aluminum Vaporizer
- LNG Process
- Helium Leak Testing
- Piping
- Stainless Steel and Special Alloy Components
Engineering Services

We fabricate items that are just a few centimeters tall up to very large structures. Major Fabrications is totally flexible on quantity from just a few items to thousands. Everything we do promises fast, flexible solutions at extremely competitive prices.
We’re recognized experts in our work with mild steel, stainless steel, utilizing our extensive experience and top end equipment to fabricate products of exceptional build quality.

- Pressure Vessels
- Piping
- Insulation
- Structural

Some items we regularly fabricate;

- Fabrication of boiler
- Small brackets and plates
- Vacuum Technology
- Insulation Technology
- Hydraulic tanks
- Auto chassis, cabs and fuel tanks
- Discontinued production parts
- Equipment components

Our service is tailored to be completely bespoke, so these are just examples, whatever you can design or conceive we can find a way to turn it into hard reality.
The service can also include 3D computer aided design of items to be fabricated; occasionally we’ll receive a simple sketch and something more precise is necessary to carry out our work to our best ability; we’ll use our computer system and experience to work out the best method of construction and precision “build” it virtually before turning to the metalwork to ensure a perfect finish.

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